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As an Industrial-Organizational (IO)Psychologist, Jax fully understands that there is great potential in Malaysia's current industrial and organizational environment. Hence, he hopes to imply what he learned and adapted in the past, in order to assist all kinds of enterprises and companies to build up the most suitable and efficient working environment.


Jax not only practiced his skill as a corporate trainer at a local firm; during overseas studies, he also got a chance to intern at an international corporate and consulting firm for 2 years. At that time, he conducted and participated in all kinds of corporate training programs. In addition, he also had been working as an industrial consultant and life coach. He believed all these precious experiences will definitely play a crucial role in order to assist local firms to take it to the next level.


Apart from that, Jax is especially enthusiastic about “intercultural interaction” and “work stress”. During his time in the UK, he worshipped every single chance to communicate with students and friends from different backgrounds and nationalities, and developed a vague idea about “intercultural interaction”. He then put this idea into testing during his master career in Taiwan, and discovered the relationship between“intercultural interaction” and “work stress”. As soon as he returned to Malaysia, he then immediately enrolled and got certified as a HRDF trainer and MBTI certified practitioner. He strongly believed all these experiences and knowledge are essential in helping the local firm. He eagerly wants to apply everything he had learned in the past to assist local firms to evolve.


After work, in order to keep both mind and body in the best condition, Jax always took part in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, such as basketball, dancing and workout.


Languages ​​and dialects: English, Chinese, Cantonese

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