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Liang Yaw Wen is a clinical psychologist who is able to utilise a broad range of psychological techniques in his clinical works, emotional support sessions, and workshops.


Apart from his training in both psychology and counselling center in university and psychiatric department in the local hospital, he has also devoted himself to volunteer works in different NGOs in providing training, talks, and emotional supports for a wide range of mental health issues for both children and adults since 2008.

As Yaw Wen believes in justice and equal rights, he has been involving himself in working with marginalized groups, which include people living with HIV, refugees, and natural disaster survivals. In addition, his past working experiences in local university’s student counseling department had expanded his exposure in working with youth, designing and conducting talks, workshops, lectures for primary, secondary, and university students. Yaw Wen’s personal experience in the power of the subconscious mind had motivated him to receive professional training in hypnotherapy in 2011.


Besides, he has been actively attending interview sessions and involved in mental health advocacy activities through media since 2011 such as TV2, NTV7, 8TV, Astro channel, Ai FM, City Plus, Oriental Daily, Sin Chew Daily, Nan Yang Siang pau. The interviews cover various romantic relationships and mental health-related topics. As Yaw Wen believes in the importance of continuous professional development, he continues to attend professional clinical supervision, training, and forum regularly. Currently, he is pursuing Doctorate of Clinical Psychology in University Sains Malaysia.


When Yaw Wen is not working, he enjoys spending time reading, swimming, and listen to music.

Languages & dialects:


Chinese – Mandarin

Chinese – Cantonese

Liang Yaw Wen -

Clinical Psychologist

Master of Clinical Psychology 

(HELP University) 

Candidate of Doctor of Clinical Psychology - USM 

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